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From earth to earth. We take down trees to make paper and I repurpose discarded paper to create trees. Unlike my classical training, this is a visceral experience. The result, an artistic journey I call “Spirit Dancing”. It comes from a place of freedom and exploration dictated by the papers These reconstituted papers create unique patterns and textures which I enhance in various ways.


Trees represent many symbolic aspects such as renewal, beauty, strength, stability etc. A widespread symbol of the tree is the “tree of life”. It’s body rooted in the earth with its crown dancing in the sky. Spirit dancing grew and, began as a life of its own, and continues to evolve. I am a photographer, painter and collagist. This group integrates all these disciplines. I am enamored by trees, Their size, texture, poetry. The many incarnations that they go through each season. How they stand apart or merge with one another. The series began with photos which I, cut, painted and pasted. I was able to achieve texture which I couldn’t achieve with photos or paint.


A rather complicated process of creating color grids which were created by a combining various types of paints and papers glued to a surface. Here I am creating a type of symetry  with each square an abstract  picture in itself.

Women and Flowers

My most organic pieces incorporating models and flora. All digitally manipulated

Photo Digital painting-







Short bio-    Annette was trained in oil painting from the age of 12 by a traditional Spanish painter, Anthony Trujillo. Shenreceived a BFA from Pratt Institue in painting and minored in jewelry making. . For many years she designed costume jewelry for manufacturers who sold to large department stores.  Moving from oil painting, to water color paints, to digital multimedia Annette has been exhibiting and selling her art, in NY, Florida and Vermont.  Settled in the Hudson Valley she has been represented by HVfindsGallery, Gallery @ Rhinebeck,  Riverwind in Beacon ny and in Florida, Artisans of Lake Avenue.. She has participated with  various art groups as   NAWA, WAAM, BWAC and WITVA in Florida.

Art Is a window to another world and the artist creates that vision. Some people work in the garden, I invent it. Utilizing assorted cameras to capture my surroundings I then collage pieces of photos into a scene using photoshop tools as my brush. Taking an ‘as is’ photograph does not resonate with me. I must add texture, color, or my own parts. As an oil painter I incorporate that sensitivity into my digital work. I will explore a particular theme, then move on. If It starts to become too familiar I try another direction. Nature always touches me. A day on the Hudson River may be bright in color but I will key it down to become a moody somber day. Or approaching Ireland’s shoreline the shapes inspire rather bright colors as opposed to the actual dull lanscape I see

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